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“She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad."

% Took the red pill

Creating a new blog.
Message me for the URL.


From now on the only reason why my blog exists is because I have music and photos on here that I don’t want to lose.
Other than that, this is goodbye.
I need to get away from this shit, and move on with my life.

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Fuck “Read More”.

This shit needs to be out loud.

At least I’m sure I’m beautiful on the inside and the out.
That pisses you off, doesn’t it?
That pisses everybody off who dislikes me.
Because regardless of whether I’m right or wrong, I always try to fix things.
I fuck up a lot.
I’m human.
But in the end the last thing I want to do is hurt somebody else.
So for all of you who piss on my extended hand for peace,
well, that’s a reflection on you. Not me.

Anonymous said: Tumblr crushes?

Uh. I dunno. Not really anybody I suppose.

Very cute, guys.

Just saw your little picture down there on my blog.